Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on Icelandic Media Reports related to the Shenzhen Zhenhua Data Company

The Chinese Embassy in Iceland noted relevant Icelandic media reports related to the Shenzhen Zhenhua Data Company. We also noticed the company's response that the report is seriously untrue. The company said clearly that it is a private company and has no links to the Chinese government. Its clients are research institutions and business groups. Instead of collecting data, the company only integrates data from open and available sources online, and this is no difference from companies of other countries that are engaged in similar business operations.


China has always been a staunch defender of cyber security. China's Cyber Security Law stipulates that cyber operators must abide by laws, social morals and business ethics, and fulfill their obligations of protecting cyber security. When collecting and using online personal information, business operators should follow the principles of legality, legitimacy and necessity, and must not obtain such information through theft or other illegal means.


Some forces with ulterior motives has been hyping so-called "theft" and "manipulation" of cyber data by China. This is a step in their strategy to suppress and smear China. What deserves vigilance from everyone is the US government's long-time systematic surveillance of the world, as in the case of Edward Snowden. That's why Ireland recently asked Facebook to suspend transmission of EU users' data to the United States.Ensuring the security of personal information is a common task and challenge facing all countries in the current information age. The Chinese government attaches great importance to ensuring data security. Recently, China proposed the Global Initiative on Data Security, which has received positive response from a growing number of countries. China is ready to enhance cooperation and communication with all sides to reach agreement on and abide by global rules that reflect the will and respect the interests of all countries as soon as possible. China is willing to work with countries of the world to jointly safeguard global data security, and build a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative cyber space.