The Remarks of Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Iceland is Featured in Full on Morgunblaðið

On June 13, Morgunblaðið published the remarks of the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Iceland regarding its editorial on China published on June 8.

The remarks were featured in full as following:

On June 8, Morgunblaðið published an editorial entitled Why keep it as a secret, questioning and criticizing the so-called China's prevention of international investigation of the source of the novel coronavirus. I would like to express the following views on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Iceland:

First, in today's world of information globalization, China has neither the intention nor the capacity to cover up the pandemic. The Covid-19 global pandemic is the most extensive to afflict humanity in a century, a serious crisis and a daunting challenge for the entire world. Facing this unexpected disease, China gave timely notification to the WHO and international community of the situation, acted immediately to conduct etiological and epidemiological investigations and released the genome sequence of the novel coronavirus, which received positive remarks from the WHO and international community. The Chinese government has been sharing China's practice and experience against the pandemic in an open, transparent and responsible way. We have responded to the concerns of various parties and enhanced cooperation with the international community.

Second, China has never avoided tracing the origin of the virus. We always stay candid and open to international investigation, and support professional exchanges between scientists, including exchanges for reviewing and summarizing experiences. What we oppose, however, is unfounded charges against China and politicization of the source tracing of the virus. On May 19, the 73rd WHA adopted the resolution on COVID-19 response by consensus. China is, along with other more than 140 countries, a co-sponsor of the draft resolution and joined the consensus. The resolution unequivocally affirms and supports WHO's leading role and calls on member states to prevent discrimination and stigmatization, combat misinformation and disinformation, strengthen cooperation on the research on diagnostics, therapeutics, medicines and vaccines, and the zoonotic source of the virus. The resolution strictly restricted the relevant research to identify the zoonotic source of the virus, intermediate hosts and the route of introduction to the human population. In this resolution all WHO members support the WHO to sponsor a review. It should be fair, independent, but it should be at an appropriate time. We hope this resolution adopted by WHA will be followed through upon in a comprehensive and accurate manner, which will enhance preparedness of the international community in the future.

Third, the novel coronavirus is a previously unknown virus. Determining its source is a scientific issue that requires research by scientists and doctors. The conclusion must be based on facts and evidence. As of now, the source is still inconclusive, and the international community has many different views. Wuhan City of China was the first to report COVID-19 cases, but that doesn't necessarily make Wuhan the origin of the novel coronavirus. Many countries like France and the United States have reported earlier confirmed cases of COVID-19 than the first case in Wuhan. The WHO has also expressed that it is open to all sorts of information that may point to the source of the virus and made analysis and judgment based on such information. A joint statement by world renowned medical experts published at the Lancet, a world-class medical journal, also reaffirms that COVID-19 has a natural origin, and is not artificially synthesized. Just recently, the head of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and its long-term partner in the United States have made it clear that the Institute has neither the intention nor the capacity to engineer any kind of virus.

China has suffered tremendously but has contributed generously to the global efforts to combat the virus. Its efforts should be duly recognized, and it should not be criticized groundlessly. China calls on the international community to come together, abandon prejudice and arrogance, resist scapegoating and other such self-serving artifices, and stand against stigmatization and politicization of the virus. In doing so we will see that the spirit of solidarity, cooperation, responsibility and dedication leads people around the world towards victory in our fight against the pandemic.

  The Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Iceland Le Shuang