Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian Delivers Medical Supplies Offered by China to Landspitali and Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland

On April 22, the Chinese Embassy in Iceland held a donation ceremony. Chinese Ambassador Jin Zhijian, Mr. Páll Matthíasson, CEO of Iceland National Hospital (Landspitali), Mr. Hannes Heimisson, Protocol Chief of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland, Mr. Reynir Arngrímsson, President of the Icelandic Medical Association, Ms. Jonina Bjartmarz, Chairperson of the Icelandic Chinese Trade Council and others attended the ceremony.



Ambassador Jin handed over to Mr. Matthíasson a list of medical supplies offered by six Chinese entities including All-China Women's Federation, China Women's Foundation, Tencent, Beijing Upfood Trade Co., Ltd., China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) and also Zhengzhou YUTONG Bus Co., Ltd.. They altogether donated medical supplies of 262,000 Disposable Surgical/Medical Face Masks, 60,000 Protective Face Masks (KN95), 2080 Disposable Protective Gowns and 2000 Medical Face Shields, with a total value at 35 million kronas. Part of the medical goods have been delivered to Landspitali and the rest will arrive very soon.



In his remarks, Ambassador Jin said that the peoples of China and Iceland enjoyed a long history of friendship. Whether it was the help China offered after the volcanic eruption in Iceland in 1973 or Iceland helping China after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, we have always stood together and supported each other. The current outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has once again connected our peoples closely together. It made us understand better that virus respected no border and countries around the world were increasingly interdependent in a community of shared future for mankind. He took great pleasure to present the list of medical supplies and part of the goods offered by 6 Chinese organizations and companies to Iceland. These kind offers fully demonstrated great determination and profound friendship of the governments and peoples of our two countries to overcome all difficulties with joint efforts and strengthened cooperation. He expressed heartfelt thanks to Landspitali, Icelandair and all relevant parties for their great support in transporting the medical goods offered by China to Iceland, and he believed these gifts could contribute to Iceland's fight against the pandemic and better protect the medical workers at the fore front. On behalf of the embassy, Ambassador Jin paid special tribute to the Icelandic medical workers who devoted themselves with tremendous hard work and huge sacrifice at the front line of this battle.

Mr. Matthíasson of Landspitali pointed that since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Iceland, China always helped and supported Iceland in many ways. Chinese organizations and companies offered generous support with medical supplies, the Chinese Embassy in Iceland and all other relevant parties facilitated the purchase of medical supplies in China, especially the urgent-needed equipment as ventilators. To date, 50 tons of Chinese medical goods have arrived in Iceland and put Iceland in a totally different position in the fight against COVID-19. Mr. Matthíasson felt greatly moved upon the fact that China was willing to offer valuable support at a time when she has just endured the heavy blow of the pandemic and right now she was still in a critical moment to contain the disease at home. This friendly approach fully demonstrated that a friend in need was a friend indeed. He would like to thank China in the name of Landspitali and all medical workers in Iceland.



President Arngrímsson also paid his high tribute and sincere thanks to the Chinese medical workers at frontline of this battle. They have made huge sacrifice to safeguard people's health, and provided valuable experience to the world. Their stories greatly inspired confidence in Iceland to win this battle.



In the function, Ambassador Jin also presented the list of personal protective goods offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland. They represent the high tribute and best wishes for the Icelandic colleagues at the diplomatic front. Mr. Heimisson expressed appreciation to China's donation, and spoke highly of the positive role played by the two embassies of the two countries in the joint efforts to fight the pandemic. He also thanked Icelandair for their great efforts in bringing the medical supplies from China to Iceland.



Best wishes in both Chinese and Icelandic were written on the boxes of medical supplies, which made the event more memorable.




Reporters from Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV), Stöð 2 Television, newspaper Frettabladid covered the function. RUV interviewed Ambassador Jin and Mr. Matthíasson on site.