Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the Comments about China by US Vice President Mike Pence During His Visit to Iceland

During his visit to Iceland on September 4, US Vice President Mike Pence spared no efforts on making malicious slanders towards China, by deliberately exaggerating China's influence in the Arctic region, making unwarranted accusations of Huawei company and posting fake news of Iceland rejecting the Belt and Road Initiative. These comments of Vice President Pence has laid bare the ill-intention of the United States to interfere in the sound relations between China and Iceland. China strongly deplores and firmly opposes all those comments.

With accelerated global warming and possible utilization of new shipping routes in the region, the Arctic is gaining more global significance. As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and an observer to the Arctic Council, China has conducted scientific research, taken part in environmental protection, promoted peace, stability and sustainable development in the Arctic region. All these activities are justified and understandable behavior of a responsible major country. China does not wish to see tensions in this region and is ready to work together with other relevant countries including Iceland to address the challenges related to Arctic such as climate change, environmental protection and sustainable development and to advance Arctic-related cooperation on the basic principles of "respect, cooperation, win-win result and sustainability" so as to make the Arctic into a peaceful and harmonious region.

The Chinese government has always asked the Chinese enterprises to observe market principles, international rules and local laws while doing business overseas. China has never asked and will not ask the Chinese companies to conduct illegal activities with their own products to collect or provide data and information within other countries' territories for the Chinese government. The development of Chinese companies like Huawei is based on their own efforts rather than technology theft. We firmly oppose the US abusing national power to smear and suppress certain Chinese companies with no evidence at all. Such behavior is disgraceful and immoral, and it runs counter to the principle of market economy which the US has always touted. We urge the US to cease its oppression against Huawei and other Chinese companies, and to create a fair and justified environment for Chinese companies. We wish and believe the Icelandic government and enterprises will not be influenced by others and make the right decision in accordance with market principles in its future 5G development for their own benefits.

The Belt and Road Initiative ( BRI ) offered by China is a platform for international cooperation in promoting mutual development and addressing multiple challenges on the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefits. It is not a new version of Marshall Plan with strategic purposes. The BRI has received wide attention, warm response and strong support from the international community. Its core fields of cooperation lie in policy coordination, infrastructure connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration, and closer people-to-people ties, which provide new opportunities for future development of bilateral relations between China and Iceland. We fully believe that the Icelandic government will make the right decisions.

China and Iceland has maintained stable, healthy and friendly relations since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1971. On the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, China is willing to strengthen its close cooperation with Iceland in political, economical, scientific, cultural and educational fields as well as international affairs so as to push forward our bilateral relations to a new level and bring more benefits to our two nations and two peoples.