Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian Delivers a Speech at the Opening Ceremony of miniMBA for Business with China

On September 8th, Chinese Ambassador Jin Zhijian attended and delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of miniMBA for Business with China.

In his speech, Ambassador Jin expressed his appreciation on the opening of the training program and briefly introduced the current situation of China's economic development. He emphasized that in the face of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese government had taken decisive measures and achieved major strategic results in the fight against the epidemic, which has been effectively under control, the order of production and life has been restored, and the economy has regained its upward trend. China is expected to become the world’s only major economy with positive growth this year. The steady development of China's economy is a great opportunity rather than a threat to all countries in the world, and it is an effective engine for the recovery of the world economy.

In his speech, Ambassador Jin also reviewed the major progress made in China-Iceland economic and trade cooperation. He pointed out that the relationship between China and Iceland is a model of friendly coexistence and mutually beneficial cooperation between countries in different regions, with different systems and different levels of development. The natural endowments and respective advantages of the two countries’ economies have effectively complemented each other. The two sides have the same positions on issues such as jointly safeguarding the multilateral trading system, adhering to the principles of free trade and advocating green development. There are huge potentials and space for the future cooperation between the two countries in the fields of e-commerce, digital economy, green and sustainable development and so on. Ambassador Jin also put forward some specific suggestions on further deepening and expanding China-Iceland economic and trade cooperation in the future. He also answered questions from trainees on the "Belt and Road" Initiative and Sino-US relations etc., which received positive feedback from the attendees.

The training program was initiated and organized by Akademias, an Icelandic education and training institution, and nearly 30 trainees attended the event.