Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian Attends the Ceremony of Lighting up Perlan in Chinese Red

On October 1st, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Ambassador Jin Zhijian, together with 100 guests from Icelandic Chinese Cultural Society (KÍM), Icelandic Chinese Trade Council (ÍKV) and Association of Chinese in Iceland (ACI), attended the ceremony of lighting up Perlan, one of the most famous tourism attractions in Iceland, in the light of Chinese red. Perlan also staged the world premiere of Aurora Show in Chinese in its planetarium for all the participants.

In his remarks, Ambassador Jin expressed his thanks and appreciation to the great initiative of Perlan, which fully demonstrated the close relations between China and Iceland, and the profound friendship between the two peoples. He pointed out that recent years have seen dynamic people to people exchanges between China and Iceland, last year there were more than 90,000 Chinese tourists visiting Iceland, and the figure continues to grow this year, which is expected to hit over 100,000. Tonight, Perlan turned itself into Chinese Red to celebrate the 70th anniversary together with the Chinese people, which will surely increase its reputation in China. Meanwhile, the well made Aurora show will attract more Chinese tourists to visit Perlan.

Mr. Gunnarsson, CEO of Perlan, stressed that Perlan will be in Chinese Red since October 1 and the red light would go on for a whole week. This was to show the sincere greetings from the Icelandic people to the Chinese people. He wished that the Chinese version of Aurora Show and the Chinese service in Perlan will attract more Chinese tourists to come.

With warm applauds, Ambassador Jin and Mr. Gunnarsson touched the screen to change the lights of Perlan from original blue to Chinese red. CCTV reporter covered the event and took the interview with Ambassador Jin and Mr. Gunnarsson. The report can be found on line as following: