Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian Meets with Chairman of the Icelandic Renewable Energy Cluster

On May 14, Ambassador Jin Zhijian met with Mr. Sveinn Ingi Olafsson, Chairman of the Icelandic Renewable Energy Cluster. The two sides held friendly conversation on strengthening cooperation in the field of energy between China and Iceland.

After listening to the briefing on the cluster, Ambassador Jin pointed out that China and Iceland have good cooperation in R & D and application of renewable clean energy such as geothermal and methanol, which has become a bright spot in our bilateral relations. With the upgrading of China's economic transformation and the implementation of green and sustainable development strategy, cooperation between China and Iceland in the field of renewable energy has ushered in new opportunities with broader prospects. While deepening cooperation in the geothermal field in the future, the two countries can actively tap the potential of cooperation in the fields such as new energy vehicles, wind energy, hydro-power etc., so as to further enhance the level of cooperation between the two sides.

Mr. Olafsson welcomed Ambassador Jin's visit, and agreed with Ambassador Jin's evaluation and suggestions on energy cooperation between China and Iceland. He expressed that the Cluster would be willing to maintain close communication with the embassy and make joint efforts to promote new progress in cooperation in the field of renewable energy between China and Iceland.

The Icelandic Renewable Energy Cluster was established in 2009 and now has more than 30 members. Its main purpose is to enhance communication and cooperation among Icelandic energy and related enterprises, strengthen policy communication and coordination with government departments, and improve the overall competitiveness of Iceland's energy industry.