Chinese Ambassador Jin Zhijian in Iceland Meets with Hong Kong Education University Students

On April 15, Chinese Ambassador Jin Zhijian met with students from The Education University of Hong Kong.

Ambassador Jin welcomed the students to the Chinese Embassy in Iceland. To begin with, Ambassador Jin briefed the students, with his own study and working experience as an exchange student and diplomat to Iceland, the economic and social development of Iceland, the history of bilateral relations as well as China's foreign policies. He also exchanged views with the students on the reasons why Iceland listed top of the World Happiness Index. Ambassador Jin took the opportunity to learn the development of Hong Kong from the perspectives of the students and answered their questions. In the end, he expressed his wishes that the students love China and Hong Kong, combine each one's individual development with the future of motherland and the trend of the world. He hoped that the students could study hard and strive for a better tomorrow for Hong Kong and China.

The students expressed their great gratitude to Ambassador Jin for exchanging in-depth views during the 2-hour discussion.They believed the briefing and interaction had greatly enhanced their understanding of Iceland, China-Iceland relations as well as China's foreign policies, and had also evoked their passion to study hard and contribute to the development of the Motherland. During their stay in Iceland, the students also visited Iceland schools and municipal facilities, and interacted actively with the locals.