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Chinese Embassy in Iceland Holds Open Day

On 30th January, Chinese Embassy in Iceland held open day, attended by 30 local students from Chinese-Fan Students Society Ice- Dragon of University of Iceland.

The students visited visa office, meeting room, banquet room and multi-functional hall. They experienced the basic method for using chopsticks and brush-pens and tasted the delicious Chinese food. Ambassador's wife Ms. Zhou Saixing introduced the Chinese paintings and art crafts on display.

Ambassador Zhang Weidong held a small symposium with the guests. He briefed the history of China and the friendship between China and Iceland. He said that since the establishment of diplomatic ties 44 years ago, both countries have conducted close cooperation and exchanges in all areas. He hoped that the young generation of two countries would enhance mutual understanding and contribute to the cause of China-Iceland friendship as well as the world peace and development. Ambassador Zhang also answered the questions put up by the visitors.

All the guests considered th e event as a journey to learn about the Chinese culture and the relations between China and Iceland.

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