Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian Attends the Opening Ceremony of the Photographic Exhibition on the Livelihood of Contemporary Chinese

On October 11th, the Opening Ceremony of the "Photographic Exhibition on the Livelihood of Contemporary Chinese", jointly organized by the China Photographers' Association, Iceland Photographers' Association and the Chinese Embassy in Iceland was held at Kringlan Shopping Center in Reykjavik. Ambassador Jin Zhijian, Mr. Sigurður Ólafur Sigurdsson, Chairman of Iceland Photographers' Association and Mme. Gao Qin, Secretary General of China Photographers' Association attended the exhibition and delivered remarks. Mr. Gudmundur Vidarsson Secretary of the Iceland Photographers Association who initially initiated the cooperation between Iceland and China Photography associations was present at the cutting ceremony.

In his remarks, Ambassador Jin firstly expressed his thanks to the two Associations for their contribution to this exhibition. He emphasized that China has just celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China,and this exhibition was one of important celebrating events hosted by the Embassy. In the past 70 years, China has made great achievements and turned from a weak and impoverished country into the world's second largest economy, and meanwhile the living standard of the Chinese people changed tremendously. Today the exhibition staged 40 pieces of works to record the eye-catching changes in every-day life of the ordinary Chinese, which was believed to provide the Icelandic friends a new perspective to view and understand China's development and its people with a personal touch. People to people exchanges were the fundamental part of sound bilateral relations, and he believed that with the common efforts of the mutual understanding between the two peoples could be enhanced and the bilateral relations could develop further.

Mr. Sigurdsson expressed his pleasure to participate in the exhibition. He congratulated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. He believed the exhibition will help Icelandic people better understand China's development and the great changes of people's life, and expressed the wishes to further strengthen cooperation with China in the future.

Mme. Gao Qin, stressed that although China and Iceland were far away from each other and had different national conditions, the two countries enjoy a long history of friendly exchanges. The two sides have strengthened cooperation in culture and art including photography. She hoped that the public and photographers of both countries could deepen mutual understanding and culture exchanges through photography, the art form of one photo worthy a thousand words.

Kringlan Shopping Center is the most well-known shopping mall in Iceland with a large number of customers. The Exhibition has attracted the attention of many people, who spoke highly of the pictures and were deeply impressed by the development of China reflected in the photos. The exhibition will be staged for eight days until Oct.18, 2019.