Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian communicated with MBA students from the University of Iceland

On April 11th, Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian communicated with nearly 30 previous and new MBA students from the University of Iceland at the Embassy.

Ambassador Jin briefed the participants the development of Sino-Icelandic relations, focusing on issues such as the bilateral economic and trade cooperation, implementation results of China-Iceland FTA, cultural differences between China and Iceland, current development trend of global economy and trade and its impacts on cooperation between China and Iceland. Ambassador Jin elaborated China’s polices and propositions such as sticking to mutual beneficial development, propelling the Belt and Road construction, deepening reforms and opening up, safeguarding multilateral trade system, promoting trade liberalization and investment facilitation and so on. He also pointed out that the continuous growth and huge potentials of China’s economy will bring about new opportunities for the enhancement of mutual beneficial cooperation between the two countries.

Ambassador Jin exchanged views with the participants on the issues such as the development prospect of Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (or AIIB), E-Commerce cooperation between the two countries and suggestions on doing business in or with China. Many of the attendees expressed that the briefing by Ambassador Jin was impressive, which had helped them deepen their comprehensive understanding of China, and strengthen their confidence in development prospects of Sino-Icelandic relations and bilateral pragmatic cooperations.