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The Chinese Embassy in Iceland Holds the Gathering for Icelandic Families with Chinese Children

On afternoon of November 10th, the Chinese Ambassador Jin Zhijian and Ms. He Linyun invited more than 200 guests from over 80 Icelandic families with their Chinese children to a gathering hosted in the embassy, among them were also representatives from the Ministry of Justice and Icelandic Adoption Society. The main hall of the embassy was full of joy and laughter, and the little guests were excited by the delicately decorated room with colorful balloons, cute modern panda lanterns and traditional red Chinese lanterns.

In his remarks, Ambassador Jin spoke highly of the important role played by the Icelandic Adoption Society and the Ministry of Justice for bridging the Chinese children with their Icelandic families. He expressed sincere appreciation to the Icelandic parents who have brought warm families and happy childhood to the Chinese children. He pointed out that the Chinese government attached great importance to the rights of children, and the Chinese Embassy cared about every child from China with their life and growth in Iceland and therefore has maintained sound cooperation with the Icelandic Adoption Society. He wished that all the Chinese children could be grateful to their parents and fulfill their obligations to the society in the future. He reminded the young audience that it was also very important to learn Chinese language and culture, to care about China with its latest development, and to pay a visit back if possible, in which way they would become the friendship ambassadors to bridge the two cultures and peoples. The Chinese Embassy will do its best to facilitate all Icelandic families with Chinese children.

Mrs. Elísabet Salvarsdóttir, Chairwoman of the board of Icelandic Adoption Society expressed sincere thanks to the Chinese Embassy for hosting the event. She stressed that the close ties with China will help the children to gain a better understanding of their self-identification. The society will work harder and play an active role between the embassy and all Icelandic families with Chinese children.


Mr. Haukur Guðmundsson, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice felt happy to see that the kids showed great interests in Chinese culture. He pointed out that Iceland and China enjoyed good cooperation in the protection of children's rights, and the Ministry of Justice would be glad to work together with China to ensure every Chinese kid in their Icelandic family would enjoy a happy life.


Teachers and students from the Confucius Institute presented Kongfu Show, and the invited kids brought their beautiful songs for the audience, which received warm applause and cheers. The kids fully enjoyed their time in Kongfu, paper cutting and calligraphy workshops, and played happily in the lucky ringtoss, pingpang race, chopstick game and painting. The Chinese culture has enlightened the young guests in a most cheerful and relaxing way. The Chinese food was also warmly welcomed by both parents and kids.


The guests all thanked the embassy for the event, and it was widely believed the children have learnt the beauty of Chinese culture in today's diversified and children-friendly activities. With a better understanding of China, they would surely contribute to the exchange and friendship between Iceland and China in the future. The two-hour event saw a happy ending with the cheerful kids taking home with the artworks made by themselves. It made them even more excited to find a happy surprise of a panda doll and a Chinese rattle as gifts.

The National TV Station, RUV, covered the event.

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