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Chinese Ambassador Jin Zhijian Meets with Senior Arctic Official of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland

On November 20, Ambassador Jin Zhijian met with Ms. Bryndís Kjartansdóttir, Senior Arctic Official of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland. The two sides exchanged views on strengthening the Arctic cooperation and other issues.

Ambassador Jin mentioned that China and Iceland had seen fruitful Arctic cooperation over the years. In 2012, China and Iceland signed the Framework Agreement on Arctic Cooperation. In 2013 China gained Arctic Council observer status with the support of Iceland. This October China-Iceland Arctic Research Observatory was launched in Northern Iceland and provided a new platform for scientists from China, Iceland and other countries to pursue a better understanding and conduct research in the Arctic. Earlier this year, China issued the white paper on China's Arctic Policy to expound its basic positions and major policies on the Arctic affairs. Based on the principles of respect, cooperation, win-win result and sustainability, China would like to further participate in the Arctic affairs and support the work of the Arctic Council with Icelandic chairmanship in 2019 to 2021. China was willing to work together with Iceland on Arctic cooperation and jointly build Polar Silk Road, contributing to the peace, stability and sustainable development in the Arctic.

Ms. Kjartansdóttir expressed that the governance of the Arctic required joint efforts of the international society. Iceland welcomed China to participate in the Arctic cooperation, and supported her work as observer in the Arctic Council. She was glad to see that China would like to shoulder her responsibility and engage in the Arctic affairs with a sustainable approach. She highly remarked the efforts of China to safeguard peace and stability in the Arctic, and great support to the Arctic Circle Forum. She looked forward to further cooperation between China and Iceland under the framework of the Arctic Council.

The two sides also exchanged views on climate change, environment protection and Arctic sea routes.

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