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Chinese Ambassador to Iceland JIN Zhijian and Wife Visit Akureyri in Northern Iceland

Ambassador Mr. JIN Zhijian and his wife Mme. HE Linyun paid a visit to Akureyri in Northern Iceland from 20th to 21st September and held meetings with Mme. Sturludóttir, mayor of Akureyri, Mr. Guðmundsson, Rector of the University of Akureyri and Mr. Ófeigsson, Director of Eyjarfjörður Business Development Center .

Ambassador JIN congratulated Mme. Sturludóttir on her new posting as the mayor of Akureyri and expressed his willingness to further strengthen the cooperation with Akureyri in the fields of economy and trade, education and tourism. Mayor Sturludóttir welcomed Ambassador JIN and Mme. HE Linyun, saying that she is willing to push forward the exchanges and cooperation between Akureyri and China through multiple channels, including the establishment of Sister City relationship, and will be in close contact with the Embassy.

Ambassador JIN visited the campus of the University of Akureyri accompanied by Rector Guðmundsson and learned about the history, departments and facultie. Both had exchanged views on how to deepen bilateral cooperations. Mr. Guðmundsson mentioned that in recent years the University of Akureyri has enjoyed close cooperation with Chinese universities and other institutions with fruitful results, and he is willing to further promote the educational cooperation and academic exchange between Iceland and China. He will be in contact with the Embassy regarding this as well as the possibility of establishing Chinese courses in the University.

Mr. Ófeigsson gave an introduction to Ambassador JIN regarding the local economic situation, development planning and cooperation with Chinese companies. The two sides had a discussion on the features of the local industries, the advantage of attracting foreign investment and the specific areas of possible cooperation between China and Iceland in Akureyri.

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