Ambassador Jin Zhijian Meets with Minister of Social Affairs and Equality of Iceland

On September 12, Ambassador Jin Zhijian met with Mr. Ásmundur Einar Daðason, Minister of Social Affairs and Equality of Iceland. The two sides exchanged views on bilateral relations and how to strengthen cooperation on social affairs and gender equality.

Ambassador Jin introduced the current situation and achievements of social development and gender equality in China, and stressed that China-Iceland relations have maintained sound development in recent years and Minister for Foreign Affairs Gudlaugur Thór Thórdarson has just paid a successful visit to China earlier this month. Iceland is the first country in Western Europe to recognize China's market economy status, and the first European country to sign a bilateral free trade agreement with China as well. Such gestures are of great significance to both China and Iceland. Besides mutual political trust and booming trade exchange, China and Iceland could work together more on social affairs such as employment, protection of the rights of the disabled, and gender equality. Minister Daðason is more than welcomed to visit China in due course.

Minister Daðason expressed appreciation for Ambassador's briefing and agreed on his remarks on China Iceland relations. He was happy to see the relations between the two countries develop further, and would like to work together with China in fields of social affairs and gender equality. He looked forward to visiting China in the future.