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Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian Interviewed by German Media VIDICOM

On 18th July 2018, Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian was interviewed by German media VIDICOM, during which he shared his views on issues such as climate change, Arctic affairs and China-Iceland relations.

Ambassador Jin pointed out in the interview that the Chinese government attached great importance to climate change, and actively participated in the governance of climate change. China spared no efforts to contribute its wisdom and fulfill its due obligations. Ambassador Jin stressed that China's policy goals on the Arctic were: to understand, protect, develop and participate in the governance of the Arctic. China was willing to work with the relevant countries, especially those Arctic countries to build the "Polar Silk Road" under the framework of Belt and Road Initiative. With the cooperation on the Arctic scientific research, environmental protection, new shipping routes and comprehensive governance, China and other countries can work together to create a community of shared future for mankind, and contribute to the peace, stability and sustainable development of the Arctic. Ambassador Jin mentioned that China and Iceland have achieved fruitful cooperation in the Arctic and other fields. The two sides signed an intergovernmental agreement on Arctic cooperation and carried out fruitful and practical cooperation within multilateral frameworks.

The interview will be edited into a documentary film After the Ice (Tentative Name) and released at the end of 2018 during the UN Climate Change Conference.

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