Ambassador Jin Zhijian Discusses with Representatives of Chinese Students studying in Iceland

On May 10, Chinese Embassy in Iceland held a symposium on Chinese students in Iceland, representatives students from the University of Iceland and Reykjavík University participated.

Ambassador Jin Zhijian talked cordially with students attending the conference and introduced the new development situation in China and the new progress in friendly relations between China and Iceland. He asked the students about their studies and life in Iceland, and combined with General Secretary Xi Jinping on May 2 in Beijing. The speeches at the collegiate teachers and students symposium, addressed the students to love motherland, stand high and aim far, strengthen their abilities and skills, to be the spokesmen for China's image, and the messengers between China and Ice land. He also reminded overseas students to improve their awareness of self-protection and ensure personal safety, said that the embassy will continue to provide good services for overseas students and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students studying abroad.

The participating students thanked the Embassy of the Republic of Iceland and Ambassador Jin for their concern and help to overseas students and expressed that they felt the warmth of the motherland and the embassy through the discussion and would study assiduously and serve the motherland.