All-China Women's Federation and The Chinese Embassy in Iceland Co-host Luncheon of Women Leaders Global Forum

Women Leaders Global Forum 2019, co-hosted by the Icelandic government, the parliament and the Women Political Leaders Global Forum(WPL), took place from November 18 to 20 in Reykjavik.Delegation of All-China Women's Federation headed by Mme. Zhao Wen, member of the Secretariat, attended the forum. On November 28, All-China Women's Federation and the Chinese Embassy in Iceland co-hosted the luncheon of the forum with "Women, Half of the Sky" as the theme. More than 60 representatives of the forum attended the event. With Ambassador Jin Zhijian presiding the event, Mme. Zhao Wen and WPL President Silvana Koch-Mehrin each delivered a speech.

Mme. Zhao Wen briefed the audience with China's achievements in gender equality and women's all-round development. She demonstrated the policies, actions and successful experience of the Chinese government in poverty alleviation for women with inspiring true stories. She expressed that China was willing to work with Iceland and the rest of the world to further contribute to the promotion of gender equality and women's all-round development.

President Mehrin spoke highly of the social and economical development of China with her own experience of several visits to China. She said that with China increasingly approaching to the center of world stage, it was significant for the representatives from all continents to learn the fundamental reasons for China's high-quality and fast development. She encouraged all relevant parities to share their experience in promoting gender equality, and work together to further promote women's development.

The speeches were followed by a video on the achievements of women's development in the past 70 years in China, which aroused great interests of the audience and their positive remarks.