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Ambassador Su Ge Speaks at Icelandic Chinese Trade Council

  February 12, The Icelandic Chinese Trade Council held its annual dinner conference. Ambassador Su Ge spoke at the invitation of Chirman Orn Svavarsson.

  Ambassador Su said that there had existed all-round good relations between China and Iceland. But, under the impact of the world financial crisis, the bilateral trade volume in 2009 dropped 31.8%.

  Ambassador Su points out: the Chinese word for "crisis" is made up of two characters: "danger" and "opportunity". If we brain storm and join hands, it will be possible to overcome difficulties and bring vitality to our economic cooperation.1. Both our national leaders expressed a desire to expand cooperation and to tackle the difficulties. 2. China adopts an economic stimulus package, including an investment plan of 4 trillion RMB. 3. Following the international financial crisis, great potentials may be displayed for the two countries to expand cooperation. 4. There exists a convergence of comparative advantages of one another. Iceland, for example, has leading edge in geothermal energy and related industries.

  The Ambassador looked positively toward the future and his speech was well received by the audience.

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