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6-month Countdown: Wish Beijing Olympics A Great Success

Chinese Embassy in Iceland, together with the National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland, worked out the idea of celebrating the monthly countdown of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games starting from February 8th. The 6-month countdown happened to be on the second day of Chinese New Year, and a big celebration was held on this special occasion. Mr. Zhang Keyuan, Chinese Ambassador in Iceland, Mme. Thorgerdur Gunnarsdottir, Minister of Education, Science and Culture, Mr. Olafur Rafnsson and Ms. Liney Halldorsdottir, President and General Secretary of the National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland, were present at the reception.

The reception hall was decorated in consistence with the originality of the celebration, that is, a combination of Beijing Olympics and Spring Festival. Fuwa Huanhuan, one of the mascots, who stood right below the flag of 2008 Beijing Olympics, attracted most of the guests. With traditional Chinese couplets and lanterns, the hall gave Icelandic friends an experience of the atmosphere of Spring Festival. Olympic Mandarin booklets and T-shirt with the logo of the National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland were distributed as souvenir.

Ambassador Zhang welcomed everyone present to the occasion. He stressed that the Beijing Olympic Games is a sports festival for both the 1.3 billion Chinese people and the whole world. With a theme of 'One world, one dream', the Chinese people, especially the citizens of Beijing, would take this opportunity to express their sincere desire for a peaceful and harmonious world, Zhang said. He wished the Icelandic delegate great achievements in August and Beijing Olympics a great success.

Both Mme. Gunnarsdottir and Mr. Rafnsson, in their remarks respectively, believe the Beijing Olympics is going to be the best one ever held in history. They encouraged the Icelandic athletes to get well-prepared for the Beijing Olympic Games and looked forward to going to Beijing and enjoying the Olympics.

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