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Seeing Is Believing

Invited by headmaster Olafsson, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Keyuan visited the Commercial College of Iceland on January 29, 2008.

Founded in 1905,the school is a 4-year college with approximately 1400 students. Though named "commercial", it is actually a comprehensive college, providing majors of biology, physics, computer science, languages as well as majors related to business.

Accompanied by headmaster Olafsson, Ambassador Zhang visited its classroom, laboratory, library and gymnasium, and ended up having lunch with faculties. As some of the faculties and students are heading to China next March, Zhang gave a briefing on the current issues of China and played a short film afterwards. Zhang elaborated developments of China in recent years, in different areas such as economy, environment, democracy and culture. "It would be better for those who are going to visit to know something beforehand", Zhang said, "You have so far more or less learnt something about China, and I wish you a wonderful journey in my country", Zhang said, "ultimately, seeing is believing".

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