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When Dumplings Encounter Icelanders

As the Spring Festival approaches, Chinese Embassy in Iceland, decorated with lanterns, Chinese knots and other Chinese elements, held a Culture Evening on Jan 27 as a celebration, together with a group of guests from University of Iceland, including Rector Dr. Kristin Ingolfsdottir, heads of institutes and 12 Icelandic students learning Chinese.

The theme was 'making dumplings'. As some westerners may know, dumpling is one of traditional Chinese foods, usually served on the eve of Chinese New Year, but rarely will they know the way to make it. The chef of Chinese Embassy gave a demonstration, step by step, to make sure that everyone present has a clear idea of the whole process. His personal experience of making dumplings in the past made the seemingly complex and dull process sound easier and more enjoyable. 'Do it yourself', Ambassador Zhang encouraged, and people started to join in this DIY project. Someone followed the simple and traditional way and did make very nice dumplings. The rest were rather creative, only to make some unheard of types of dumplings which were claimed to be 'Icelandic style'. "This is a very good opportunity for those who are interested in China, specifically students learning Chinese at the University of Iceland, to have an access to the traditional Chinese culture", said Ambassador Zhang, "and hopefully one day they will all become 'China experts' and contribute to the friendly relationship between our two countries.

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