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Chinese Ambassador: To Promote Understanding of Different Cultures

Invited by headmaster Ingimundardottir, Chinese ambassador Zhang Keyuan paid a visit to Breida Elementary School on Jan 22nd. He was warmly welcomed by both the faculties and pupils.


Mme. Ingimundardottir and Ms. Kristin Petursdottir, teacher for special education, gave a brief introduction of the school respectively. Breida Elementary School is a public school. It bears a history of more than 50 years, and has more than 300 pupils from grade 1 to 7, some are from China, the Philippines, Spain and Italy. Icelandic, English and Danish are taught to all pupils at the same time. Pupils are divided into several groups according to their interests and strengths, to make sure that each student is given the opportunity to use their strength and appropriately develop it.  

With the company of headmaster, Zhang walked around the school, visiting classes of mathematics, handcraft, musical instrument and culinary. He also visited the library and multi-functional gymnasium. Zhang thanked the headmaster for her hospitality, and presented what he had brought for the school: books and DVDs about Chinese traditional culture and Olympic pins. "There will be more exchange programs in the future, to promote understanding of different cultures", Zhang said at the end of the visit.

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