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Chinese Ambassador to Iceland: Future Ambassadors

Adopted Chinese children in Iceland will become better ambassadors in pushing Sino-Icelandic relationship to a higher level, said H. E. Mr. Zhang Keyuan, Ambassador of China to Iceland, at a reception for the Icelandic families with adopted children from China in celebration of the Chinese New Year, at the Chinese Embassy on January 20, 2008. Mrs. Ingibjorg Jonsdottir, president of the Icelandic Adoption Society, and over 180 parents and children attended the reception.

The Ambassador extended his warmest greetings to all the guests for a happy, healthy and prosperous Chinese New Year and thanked the Icelandic Adoption Society for its excellent work in assisting the adoption of 110 Chinese children since 2001. The Ambassador also thanked the adopted families for their great care, love and best education to the Chinese children who in turn will bring happiness and blessings to the adopted families.

Mr. Zhang believed that the friendship existing between the two peoples would be further deepened with these nice kids' stay in Iceland and the families' understanding of China. He was very glad to note that these Chinese children, just like the kids present at the reception, are growing healthily in the adopted families. He hoped that the kids adopt the Icelandic ways of life smoothly, learn its rich history and culture represented by Sagas and Edda, so that they will become good and successful citizens of Iceland. The Ambassador also encouraged the Chinese kids to learn and understand the rich and profound Chinese culture with a history of over 5000 years. The Ambassador wished them good understandings of both China and Iceland and the people so that they will act as bridges and become better representatives of China in pushing Sino-Icelandic relationship to a much higher level.

Mrs. Ingibjorg Jonsdottir, president of the Icelandic Adoption Society, and Mr. Karl Steinar Valsson, representative of parents, thanked the Embassy for hosting the reception and expressed their appreciation to Chinese authorities concerned for assisting them in adoption of Chinese children.
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