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CCTV9 Aired in Reykjavik

On November 28, 2007, H.E. Mr. Zhang Keyuan, Ambassador of China to Iceland, hosted a reception at the Chinese Embassy on the official airing of CCTV9, the English-language programme of China Central Television, in the Greater Reykjavik area. Mr. Gestur G. Gestsson, CTO of Vodafone Iceland, attended the reception and congratulated on the successful cooperation between Vodafone Iceland and CCTV9.

As following is the text of the speech given by Ambassador Zhang Keyuan:

Mr. Gestur G. Gestsson, CTO of Vodafone,

My dear colleagues from the diplomatic corps,

Friends from the media,

Ladies and gentlemen,


Thank you very much for attending this small but meaningful occasion of CCTV9 airing in Iceland.


Before I came to this pretty country, I asked myself many times that how much Chinese understand Iceland?


Well, for many Chinese, they get information about Iceland from the map, through Sagas, and for more contemporary background, through Halldór Laxness and his novel, Salka Valka, which has a Chinese translantion. But this is not enough, because Iceland has changed greatly since the years of Laxness.


How much do Icelanders know about China? A friend of mine here told me once that, when he was a kid, he was fascinated by Marco Polo's book about his journey to the orient. Of course this is not enough either.


I am so glad to learn that after friendly and cooperative discussions, CCTV 9 of China Central Television has reached an agreement with Vodafone, Iceland, to make it possible that the English programs aired in Iceland. From now on people in Reykjavik metro area could watch CCTV 9 programs everyday. I'd like to take this opportunity to express my congratulations and thanks to Vodafone and CCTV 9.


The channel, also named CCTV International, focuses mainly on world news, Chinese current affairs, language courses, travel documentaries, entertainments, cultural programs, etc.


With great variety and colorful programs, CCTV 9 is very popular and has been available in about 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and Latin America.


The airing of CCTV 9 in the greater Reykjavik area marks the ever growing friendly ties between China and Iceland. Geographically, Iceland is far from China, but by watching the channel, people will be able to look at China more closely. It will open another window for the Icelanders who are interested in China. With the live coverage, the Icelandic people will be informed what is happening in China in their living rooms, or in the kitchens, almost simultaneously along with the Chinese people. CCTV 9 will bring our two peoples closer and enhance our mutual understanding. I firmly believe that CCTV 9 will be also very much rewarding to people in various fields, for example, learning Chinese history, Chinese language and its culture. I hope that people would like the channel as one of the best in Iceland.


Now I'd like to invite Mr. Gestsson to turn on the televisions with me. (and) Let us enjoy the programs provided by CCTV 9.

Thank you.


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