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Chinese Ambassador to Iceland JIN Zhijian and Wife Visit Vestmannaeyjar

Ambassador Mr. JIN Zhijian and his wife Mme. HE Linyun paid a visit to Vestmannaeyjar in South Iceland on 5th November and met with the local Mayor Mme. Iris Robersdottir. The two sides had a cordial conversation regarding how to further enhance bilateral cooperation.

Ambassador JIN said that Vestmannaeyjar plays an unique role in the history of China-Iceland relations. China was the first country to offer donations when the local community was hit by a massive volcano eruption in January 1973, which showcased the friendship of the Chinese people towards the Icelandic people. Currently, the two sides have had very good cooperation in various areas such as tourism and fishery. The Chinese Embassy is willing to push forward the exchanges between Vestmannaeyjar and different regions in China, so as to enhance the bilateral relations to a new level.

Mme. Robertsdottir welcomed Ambassador JIN and Mme. HE to visit Vestmanneyjar and spoke highly of the friendly relations between the two sides. She gave a detailed introduction of the local situation, saying that she hopes to strengthen ties with the Chinese side and further promote bilateral cooperation.

Ambassador JIN and Mme. HE also visited the Eldheimar Museum. The director of the museum Mme. Kristin Johannsdottir gave them an introduction of the volcano eruption in 1973 and how the Chinese Government took part in the disaster aid after the eruption.

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