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"Belt and Road" International Young Fashion Designers Showcase Tour Successfully Held in Reykjavik

On 29th June 2018, "Belt and Road" International Young Fashion Designers Showcase Tour was held in Reykjavik Art Museum Hafnarhus. The debut of showcase tour in Iceland featuring an opening ceremony and the inaugural catwalk show was organized by “Belt and Road" International Young Artist Development Centre and sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Iceland. Among over 200 guests were Former President of Iceland Madame Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, Ambassador Jin Zhijian and his wife Madame He Linyun, HK celebrity and the initiator of showcase tour Dr. Annie Wu, Former Ambassador of Iceland to China Madame Kristin Arnadottir, together with diplomatic envoys accredited to Iceland, overseas Chinese and friends from all sectors of society in Iceland


In his remarks, Ambassador Jin Zhijian stressed that this year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up of China and 100th anniversary of Iceland Independence, and that made the event very special. China and Iceland have enjoyed sound relations since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1971, which is an excellent example of how countries of different sizes and conditions can work together. The fact that many young fashion designers from different countries and regions coming together showcased how countries and regions were closely linked together with deepening globalization today. With Belt and Road Initiative raised by President Xi Jinping five years ago as its theme, the showcase tour fully embodied the vision of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and would certainly enhance cooperation and collaboration among all countries.


Dr. Annie Wu pointed out that Iceland has inspired many artists and designers worldwide with its unique cultural and artistic atmosphere and natural scenery. As the first stop of the tour, It was hoped that designers from all over the world would have the opportunity to exchange their culture and inspiration for common progress. Iceland fashion designer Ms. Steinunn Sigurdardottir expressed her great wishes to young fashion designers to learn from each other on this platform and show the world the charisma of fashion.


With personal collection and "Belt and Road" collection as two parts, the catwalk show invited 20 Icelandic and Chinese models to present around 200 pieces from 12 young fashion designers coming from Chinese mainland, HK, Iceland, Panama and Tanzania. The show attracted intense interests from the audience and received warm applause from time to time. Designers briefed their design concept, especially the inspiration from the Belt and Road Initiatives, and the audience exchanged their views on fashion and silk road. The 3-hour event was a full success.


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