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Ambassador JIN Zhijian meets with Director-General of the Icelandic Tourism Board

On April 20, Chinese Ambassador to Iceland JIN Zhijian met with Stennerson, Director of the Icelandic Tourism Board. The two sides held friendly talks on promoting Sino-Iceland tourism cooperation and ensuring the safety of Chinese visitors to Iceland.

Ambassador Jin said that the number of tourists visiting ice in China has increased rapidly in recent years, reaching 86,000 in 2017. This year is expected to exceed the 100,000, which has played an important role in promoting Iceland's tourism development. He hoped that Iceland can provide more convenience for Chinese tourists to travel on Iceland and ensure the safety of Chinese tourists.

Stennerson completely agreed with Ambassador Kim's view and said that it will strengthen cooperation with embassy and related agencies to provide more convenience and better services for Chinese tourists to travel on ice and create good conditions for everyone to travel safely.

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