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Ambassador Zhang Weidong Hosts Farewell Reception

On 8th November, the Chinese Ambassador Zhang Weidong hosted a farewell reception at the Chinese Embassy in Iceland. The reception was attended by around 200 guests, including Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Sturla Sigurjonsson, former Minister for Education, Science and Technology Illugi Gunnarsson, representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Reykjavik, Icelandic friends from different walks of life, overseas Chinese and exchange students in Iceland. The reception was presided by Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission Mr. Zhong Xuhui.

Ambassador Zhang talking with Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Sturla Sigurjonsson

In his remarks, Ambassador Zhang Weidong reviewed his three years in Iceland and thanked the Icelandic Government, the foreign diplomatic missions in Reykjavik and overseas Chinese for their support.

Ambassador Zhang Weidong delivering a speech

Ambassador Zhang said that under the guidance of the leaders of both countries, the bilateral relationship between China and Iceland has grown stronger and stronger, high level visits and personnel exchanges in all fields have been increasingly frequent, political mutual trust and people-to-people friendship were also continuously deepened. This showed the great potential of the cooperation between China and Iceland.

Ambassador Zhang stressed that mutual respect is the political basis of China-Iceland relations, and mutual complementarities are the fundamental driver of China-Iceland cooperation. The good relationship between the two countries is beneficial not only for the two peoples, but also for the peace and prosperity of the world.

Ambassador Zhang said that he was very honored to witness the fruitful bilateral relationship between China and Iceland. He wishes that the bilateral relations will keep good momentum of development, and the political mutual trust and people-to-people friendship will steadily be deepened, economic, trade and cultural cooperation, communication and coordination in international affairs will continue to achieve fruitful results. He believes that in the new era of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, the bilateral relationship will grow even stronger.

At the reception, Ambassador Zhang Weidong had cordial conversations with the guests. The guests all spoke highly of his contribution to the friendship and development of bilateral relations between China and Iceland. They gave their best wishes to Ambassador Zhang. The atmosphere of the reception was friendly and warm.

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