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The Chinese Embassy Held Gathering Party with Icelandic Adoptive families of Chinese Children

On 8 April 2017, the Chinese Embassy in Iceland held a gathering party with Icelandic families that have Chinese Children. Around 300 guests, including officials from the Ministry of Interior of Iceland, staff from the Icelandic Adoption Society as well as the adopted Chinese children and their parents participated in the event.

H.E. Zhang Weidong, Chinese Ambassador to Iceland, delivering a speech

The grand hall of the Embassy was filled with colorful balloons, joy and laughter. Ambassador Zhang Weidong gave an enthusiastic speech in which he stated that the Chinese government attaches great importance to children's rights and interest. It has been conducting international adoption under the principle of "Children First". The cooperation between China and Iceland in the area of adoption started 16 years ago and has been smooth and fruitful. Now there are more than 180 Chinese children adopted by Icelandic families. Love has connected the Chinese children and their Icelandic parents and a bridge of friendship between the two countries has been built by the cooperation in adoption. Ambassador Zhang Weidong expressed that he was pleased to see that these children are growing up happily and healthily. He extended his appreciation and gratitude to the Icelandic government, Icelandic Adoption Society and the Icelandic parents for their friendly cooperation and great efforts. He wished that the two countries could further strengthen their exchanges and cooperation in this area. He also encouraged the children to study hard in learning more the history and culture of both countries. When they grow up, they can repay the Icelandic society as well as their Icelandic parents and make contributions to the friendship between China and Iceland. He also welcomed the children to go back to China and see more about their roots.

Ms. Elizabeth Hrund Salvarsdottir, president of Icelandic Adoption Society, delivering a speech

Ms. Elizabeth Hrund Salvarsdottir, president of Icelandic Adoption Society, thanked the Chinese Embassy regarding the adoption by the Icelandic families of Chinese children as well the hospitality and efforts made in organizing the gathering party.



Some children staged some performances. A number of games including picking up peanuts with chopsticks and pingpong relay were organized. Lottery draws were also held.





The Icelandic parents expressed that this gathering party is unforgettable. They would encourage the children to learn more about Chinese culture and encourage them to become envoys of friendship between China and Iceland when they grow up.

The gathering party was immersed in an atmosphere of warmth, friendship and happiness. The National TV Station, RUV, covered the event.

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