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Ambassador Zhang Weidong held lecture on Chinese tea culture

Ambassador Zhang Weidong introducing Chinese tea culture

On 28th March, Ambassador Zhang Weidong held a lecture on Chinese tea culture at the National Library of Iceland to introduce the history and culture of Chinese tea, around 100 guests from all walks of life in Iceland attended the lecture.

Ambassador Zhang Weidong started with Bingdao Village, a production region of Pu'er tea in Yunnan, and then gave a detailed introduction to the history, categories, processing procedures, drinking method of Chinese tea as well as Chinese tea ceremony. He also answered questions posed by the guests and invited two performers to display and explain tea ceremony to the guests. 

Performers displaying and explaining tea ceremony

 This lecture is the last one of the series of lectures which go with the picture show that started on 12 June last year to celebrate the 45th anniversary of China-Iceland diplomatic relations. Ambassador Zhang Weidong took the opportunity to congratulate the success of the activity and thank the Head and all the staff of the National Library as well as all the friends who took part in the activity. He wished that all efforts could be made to continue to promote the mutual understandings and friendly relations between China and Iceland.


President of KÍM, Mr. Arnþór Helgason donating books and documents to the National Library of Iceland.


Mrs. Unnur Guðjónsdóttir donating book to the National Library of Iceland. 

After the lecture, a ceremony was held in which the President of KÍM Mr. Arnþór Helgason and Unnur Guðjónsdóttir donated books and documents to the National Library of Iceland.


Guests watching the exhibition of Chinese tea pots


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