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Chinese Embassy in Iceland Holds China Theme Day in Soltun Nursing Home

On 8th July 2015, Chinese Embassy in Iceland held China Theme Day in Soltun Nursing Home. Chinese Ambassador Zhang Weidong and his wife Mme. Zhou Saixing, former Icelandic Ambassador to China Eiður Guðnason, around 100 residents from the nursing house and their family members attended the activity.


  Ambassador Zhang and Ms Anna Birna    Ambassador Zhang  and the residents in Soltun

In his speech, Ambassador Zhang Weidong highly praised the contribution Soltun has made to the elderly service, and wished happy and long life to all the elder people in both China and Iceland. He also briefed on the history of friendship and cultural exchanges between China and Iceland, hoping China Theme Day activity could enhance the understanding about China.

Chinese Ambassador's wife Mme. Zhou Saixing and former Icelandic Ambassador to China Eiður Guðnason

The Embassy has prepared various programs for the Theme Day, including Gu Zheng, women's group chorus, Taichi performance, Chinese handwriting introduction and Chinese silk dress show. The Embassy also provided some jasmine tea, steamed dumplings and small Chinese souvenirs.


Gu Zheng Performance  Taichi Performance

Ms Anna Birna, the manager of Soltun, spoke highly of this event, describing it as a journey for the elderly in Soltun to learn about the Chinese culture and the friendly relations between China and Iceland.


Chinese Dancing Chinese silk dress show

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