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Ambassador Zhang Weidong meets with Foreign Minister of Iceland

The Chinese Ambassador to Iceland, Mr. Zhang Weidong, met with the Foreign Minister of Iceland Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson on 1st October 2014.

Ambassador Zhang conveyed greetings from Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi and thanked Mr. Sveinsson and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland for their efforts to China-Iceland relations and support to the Embassy. He said that China-Iceland relations have developed constantly and steadily. The two countries have not only achieved new results in their cooperation in various fields, but also supported each other in international affairs. The China-Iceland Free Trade Agreement has been put into practice, which will surely promote friendly cooperation in many aspects. As the new Ambassador to Iceland, he would make joint efforts with the Icelandic side to further promote the two countries' cooperation in economy, trade, culture, Arctic affairs, people-to-people exchanges, etc., thus advancing the bilateral relations to a new stage.

Minister Sveinsson welcomed Ambassador Zhang to his new post and expressed thanks to Mr. Wang Yi and asked Ambassador to convey his greetings to Minister Wang. Minister Sveinsson pleasantly recalled his meeting with Minister Wang and the hospitality he received during his visit to China at the end of last June. Mr. Sveinsson said it was his first visit to China and was impressed by China's achievements in its social and economic development. China plays an increasingly important role in international arena and Iceland appreciates China's policy that all countries, big or small, should be equal. Mr. Sveinsson stressed that the FTA would bring more benefits to both countries and Iceland welcomes more Chinese investments, tourists and students. He himself and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland will continue to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese side in various fields, thus benefiting both peoples.

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