Experts of Iceland Attend China-Europe Video Conference on COVID-19

On 19th March, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China jointly hosted the China-Europe video conference and share experience on prevention and control of COVID-19 in China. Government officials and health experts from 18 European countries including Iceland were invited to the conference. Dr. Alma D. Möller, the Director of Health and Dr. Þórólfur Guðnason, the Chief Epidemiologist from the Directorate of Health of Iceland attended the conference.

Chinese experts introduced the latest progress of prevention and control on COVID-19, and emphasized that through a series of powerful measures, China has shown a demonstrable trend towards containing the epidemic. Meanwhile, China has also accumulated important experience to share with the international community in response to the epidemic and made a positive contribution to maintaining global and regional public health security. Currently the epidemic broke out in many places across the world and the confirmed cases in many European countries grew rapidly. With the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind, China enhanced its cooperation with international community including Europe in the fight against the epidemic. It was believed that through the joint efforts of all parties, we would be able to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible. China's cooperation with European countries would also usher in new developments.

Chinese experts introduced the Chinese experience and practices from the epidemiological characteristics, prevention and control strategies, and clinical diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, and answered over 80 questions with in-depth discussions. Officials and experts from European countries including Iceland highly appreciated China's resolute and powerful prevention and control measures and thanked China for holding the conference in a timely manner. They believed that the conference was informative, professional, and served as a guidance to the European countries who were suffering most in the rapid outbreak. They were willing to enhance international cooperation with China on epidemiological research, epidemic prevention and control, vaccine research and development, and medical supplies. Both China and European countries can work together to fight this war across the border.