Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian Holds a Briefing on COVID-19 in China

On Feb 28, Ambassador Jin Zhijian held a briefing in the Embassy on China's battle against the COVID-19. Officials from Iceland Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Directorate of Health, Red Cross, National Commissioner of Police, and foreign diplomats in Iceland, representatives from the Icelandic Chinese Trade Council, the Icelandic Chinese Cultural Society, the Association of Chinese in Iceland and from business and academic circles, altogether over 50 people, attended the briefing. Reporters from Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV), Stöð 2 Television, newspaper Morgunblaðið, and Icelandic Times attended the event.

In his presentation, Ambassador Jin introduced in details the effective measures and positive achievements by the Chinese government in coordinating the two-front battles in prevention and control of the COVID-19 and advancing economic and social development. He emphasized that COVID-19 outbreak was a major public health emergency that spread in the fastest speed, caused the most extensive infection and the most difficult to contain since the founding of the People's Republic of China. Under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese government has taken the most comprehensive, thorough and rigorous measures to fight the virus with 1.4 billion Chinese people joining force and racing against time. It was truly an ode to heroic war composed with China's system, speed and solidarity in such challenging time. With rich data, charts, photos and videos, Ambassador Jin vividly reflected the highlights and touching moments, expounded the great sacrifice of the Chinese people and their extraordinary contribution to safeguard the global public health, and demonstrated President Xi Jinpin's great vision to build a community of shared future for mankind.

Ambassador Jin pointed out that, with tremendous efforts, the positive trend on prevention and control of COVID-19 is expanding, and we have the confidence and capability to win this war. Faced with this common challenge for the whole world, the Chinese government always maintained close contacts and cooperation with WHO and the world in an active, open and transparent manner, and rendered all necessary assistance to all foreign citizens including the Icelandic citizens in China. China's response has been fully recognized and spoken highly by the international community. China appreciated the Icelandic government and its people for their valuable support and great confidence and love, as well as the rational approach taken after the epidemic outbreak. As a responsible country, China will continue to work together with the rest of world to address the common challenge of COVID-19.


Ambassador expressed that COVID-19 would inevitably deal a relatively big blow to China's economic and social development. However, the impact was temporary and generally manageable, and the fundamentals of China's long-term sound economic growth remained unchanged. The Chinese government has rolled out a series of effective measures to ensure the orderly resumption of work and production. China has the confidence to turn adversity into opportunity, and is striving to achieve the goals and tasks for economic and social development this year. It is believed that the stable development of the Chinese economy will continue to inject confidence and momentum into global economic growth.


Ambassador Jin also voiced his opinion to ensure a correct understanding on the most heated topics followed and discussed by local media and community, such as Is China's response timely and transparent?, Is it necessary to ban the Chinese visitors?, Where does the virus come from? and The spread of racism towards Chinese people. He also answered the questions on site and shared views on the reasons for holding the briefing, the comments on the first confirmed infection in Iceland, and future bilateral cooperation on fighting against COVID-19. RUV and Stöð 2 interviewed Ambassador Jin on site respectively.

The briefing lasted for one hour and a half, and received warm response. The audience were fully attracted by the presentation and raise their phones from time to time to capture the important information and touching moments to which they were so deeply impressed. It was agreed by all that Ambassador's informative presentation with clear focus and points of view has successfully convinced and inspired the whole audience. They all expressed that the Chinese government and people have greatly contributed to the global response to epidemic at a heavy sacrifice, and they believed that China would win the battle in the end.

RUV and Stöð 2 have covered the briefing and interviews with Ambassador Jin in their evening news at the same day, and highlighted that China's battle against the epidemic has seen positive achievements, and the Chinese government is willing to work together with Iceland in the combat against COVID-19.