Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian Takes an Exclusive Interviews with Icelandic Newspaper Frettabladid on the Outbreak of Pneumonia Caused by Novel Coronavirus

On Feb 4, Chinese Ambassador Jin Zhijian took an exclusive interview with Frettabladid, an Icelandic newspaper with largest circulation locally, and introduced China's battle against the current outbreak of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and other related issues.


In the interview, Ambassador Jin introduced the important prevention and control measures taken by China since the outbreak of epidemic. He emphasized that the Chinese government has made unprecedented efforts in response to the epidemic in a timely and highly responsible manner towards its own people and the people of the world, which have shown positive effects and won the praise of WHO and the international community. Facts prove that the powerful measures taken by China are appropriate, timely and effective. The epidemic can be prevented, controlled and cured, no unnecessary panic is needed. The recent measures taken by some countries, such as entry prohibition on certain foreign citizens and suspension of international flights connected to China mainland , are not in line with the spirit of WHO's advice, and may lead to negative impacts.


China appreciates the letter from Icelandic Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on February 3, in which she conveyed the sympathy and support of the Icelandic people for China's valiant efforts to contain the outbreak of novel coronavirus, and expressed full confidence in China's firm resolve to take all necessary measures to prevent any further spread of the disease. China also appreciates the rational approach taken by the Icelandic government following the outbreak of the epidemic.


Ambassador Jin pointed out that the reduction of Chinese tourists to Iceland and its impact on Iceland's tourism industry is just temporary. It is believed that with the effective control of the epidemic, China will lift relevant tourism restrictions, and more Chinese tourists will visit Iceland in the future with unlimited business opportunities to the local tourism industry.


On February 5, Frettabladid and its website published the report.