Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian meets with the Delegation of Icelandic Middle-School Principals

On October 20th, Chinese Ambassador Jin Zhijian met with more than twenty Icelandic Middle-school principals at the embassy, who will leave for Shanghai to attend the Convention of the International Confederation of Principals.

Ambassador Jin briefed the principals in details of the remarkable achievements in the past 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, especially the development in China’s education and the latest progress in education exchanges and cooperation between China and Iceland. He said that with 70 years of unremitting efforts, China has established a modern education system with the world’s largest scale, complete system and reasonable structure. With measures to ensure fair education and better quality, the students have enjoyed education for all-round development. The overall level of education has leapfrogged to the mid-to-top of the world. In recent years, the cooperation between China and Iceland in the field of education has continued to deepen. The Chinese and Icelandic courses offered by the Northern Lights Confucius Institute, University of Iceland and Beijing Foreign Studies University have attracted more attention. In May this year, the two countries signed an agreement on mutual recognition of higher education degrees, the exchanges between institutions of two sides have become more active, the number of international students studying in each other’s country is gradually increasing. The Chinese Embassy in Iceland is willing to serve as a bridge to assist exchanges between the middle-schools of China and Iceland for more cooperation outcomes. Ambassador Jin also answered questions on China's education system, urban-rural gap, government-school relationship, and school’s social responsibility.

The principals expressed their gratitude to Ambassador Jin for his kind invitation and introduction of China's development. They hope to gain more understanding of China and China’s education through this visit, and work together with all parties concerned for more cooperation in the future.