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Information on Marriage with a Chinese Citizen

Overseas Chinese and foreigners wishing to go to China to marry Chinese citizens should be acknowledged that the legal marriage age in China is 22 and above for male, 20 and above for female according to the Chinese law, and bigamy is illegal.


Before going to China, the following documents should be prepared:


1. Your non-spouse certificate which indicate your name, sex, date and place of birth, nationality, personal identification document number, marital status (never married or divorced or widowed) and the name of your fiancee/fiance. The divorced should have divorce certificate and the widowed death certificate and must declare that he/she has never got married since and remains single.

The above-mentioned documents are invalid unless they are first notarized by a local notary public and then legalized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland  (valid for 3 months since the date of legalization) and finally authenticated by the Chinese Embassy  (valid for 6 months since the date of authentication).


2. Certificate of decent occupation or reliable income.


After entering into China with the above-said documents and a valid visa, you should together with your fiancee/fiance, submit in person your marriage application to the marriage registration office of the local government above county level where the Chinese fiancee/fiance resides and, have your health checked by a designated hospital. Marriage can be registered only after the application is ratified, and Marriage Certificate is issued upon registration.
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